terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

"I’m a hippie of the heart, because I don’t smell like patchouli."

I started getting tattoos when I was 17. I don’t have a grand plan with my tattoos, never. I’m the girl who just thinks up something as I’m walk into a tattoo parlor and I’m getting it an hour later. I believe in ornamentation of the body… I believe if you feel it, you should just do it. Don’t overanalyze anything in life too much—you’ll make yourself crazy. I’m into symbolism; all of my tattoos are very much based on symbolism. And they’re all very sneaky. So, if I’m just standing straight in front of you, you wouldn’t really see them. But, if I was naked and you saw me from behind you would be like, ‘Damn.’ [Laughs] All of my tattoos are in the place where I want them; they’re not hidden because of work. It’s been a problem for sure over the years, but whatever! You know, I started in this business when it was 35mm film. Now, everything is digital anyways, so you just push a button and every blemish and tattoo just disappears."

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